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Method of selling property whereby the promoter (the syndicator) sells interests or shares in the property to investors in the form of a partnership

What is a Whitetail Syndicate?

Enjoy a partnership with other farms across the whitetail industry.

A whitetail syndicate is a mechanism that provides a unique opportunity for a deer breeder or investor to purchase an interest in a particular whitetail deer. The number of interests or shares for each deer offered for syndication is limited for the purpose of ensuring that the value of the deer, and each investor’s share, is protected. Each participant in a syndicate is considered a shareholder. Shareholders are entitled to agreed upon breedings and/or semen from the syndicated deer that are not available to non-shareholders. This mechanism ensures that the value of the syndicated deer (and any offspring from that deer) is maximized and preserved resulting in a greater return for each shareholder. Each syndicate is managed by an experienced group of deer farmers and businessmen who are tasked with marketing, promoting, and protecting the value of each syndicated deer. Each syndicate is governed by an agreement between the syndicate managers and the shareholders that is based upon clearly established parameters that sets forth the legal obligations of the parties.

Why Should I Syndicate My Deer?


10 Reasons To Invest In A Syndication

Current Syndications

High Riser

High Heat/Danger/Hardcore/Heather


Unforgiven / Danger / Hardcore / Maxbo Ranger

Fed Ex Royale

FedEx / King Rex / Quick Silver

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