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Since 1993 our passion has always been Whitetail Deer farming on a small scale. We have always been mindful of the hurdles a small breeder has to overcome and have tried to maintain a positive proactive approach to keep us in position to continue our dream of Whitetail Deer farming.

We have all become too familiar with the challenges a small breeder faces on the semen market today. If a breeder has a buck that is worthy of being bred that breeder may not have the means financially or the resources to successfully market the buck. If a breeder is buying semen they will always be competing with large farms and often, there is no limitation or no regulation on the semen volume produced or sold, diminishing the value of the semen and eventually, the animals produced from that semen. 

We would like to change all that. In the winter of 2017, me (Gene Borkholder), Lonnie Borkholder, John and Marlin Whetstone and along with our marketing expert, Leon Yoder, got together to formulate a plan and create a management company to keep the Whitetail breeder or enthusiast ahead of the game. We are a management company only and our efforts will allow you to focus on doing what you love, raising deer.

Whitetail Syndications is based upon the same morals and ethics that you have come to recognize in Whetstone Bro’s Whitetails, O La Jo's Whitetails and Black Anvil Media.

My brother, Lonnie Borkholder, along with our father, O. Lamar, have been raising Whitetails since 1993 and currently have approximately 80-100 deer. We are both in retail sales and own Midwest Farm and Pet. Lonnie is a former President of Indiana Council on Animal Welfare and has served on numerous other boards. I am a former director of Indiana Deer and Elk Farmers Association and currently own and manage Midwest Ag, a commercial duck grow-out facility.

John and Marlin founded Whetstone Bro Whitetails in 2007 and have approximately 250-300 deer. John is a current NADEFA Board of Director and is a former secretary-treasurer of IDEFA. Marlin is a full-time farmer who understands today's challenges very well and runs and manages a 100,000 head commercial poultry facility.

Leon Yoder is a 25-year marketing veteran. Leon owned a sign company in Shipshewana, IN for 20 years and worked with hundreds of businesses to ensure their image represented them well. Leon is a business coach for Empowering Small Business, and owns and operates Black Anvil Media, Inc offering custom web development and digital marketing. 

With our unique combined experience, we will strive to maintain the highest standard of service to you and your animals and look forward to the continuous progress of working with Tomorrows Farmers Today.


Gene Borkholder

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